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Dear Outdoor Enthusiasts, 

For any issues related to your order, please do not hesitate to contact us at                                                 Life is not always perfect, but we will always fix it.

For all other inquiries, or if you want to pop in and say hello (we love hello's!), collaborate together, plant trees together, or have an idea you're enthusiastic about, shoot us an email at or call 201-835-0259. We LOVE to hear from you! We value the voice of our community deeply and want to hear from you.

On behalf of everyone at The Outdoor Enthusiasts, Inc. we thank you for your interest in joining our community of like-minded individuals. We are in business to create an impact for more present-ness outdoors, contribute to reforestation, and inspire more indoorsy people to find joy and fulfillment in outdoor activity mixed into their lives. You know the powers that lie in spending time in nature. There are plenty of ways to outdoor, and we advocate to find what works best for you and your bio-individuality. Live and spread your joy and enthusiasm for the outdoors that is authentic to you. You never know who you are positively inspiring to do the same, and often it ripples in ways that become an in-imaginably impactful for the longterm landscape of other people's lives.

Thank you for embodying what it means to be an outdoor enthusiast. Together, we know we can make a small impact in the world's pond that has a ripple effect for a lifetime. Let's inspire the next generation to live more of their lives outdoors.

See you Outside!


With much love, 

The Outdoor Enthusiasts Squad