Product Instructions


1. Find two healthy wide based trees. Keep in mind you are working with 30 feet in straps and 9 feet in hammock length. Calculate your distance based off the width of your tree selection.

3. Hold Single Looped side in one hand, multiple looped side in another hand

4. Wrap strap with multiple loops around the large tree  5-7 ft high

5. Pass entire strap through inside of the single loop. 

6. Pull strap tightly to ensure steady grip to anchor point (Tree.)

7. Clip carabiners to desired loop creating tension on both sides. 

8. Hold hammock with both hands while entering and exiting the hammock.  

9. Enjoy you hammock. 



Travel Chair: VIDEO PENDING =D!

1. Unzip chair from pouch. Separate chair fabric from chair supports

2. Release velcro strap and allow metal frame to start opening naturally without force.

3. With light pressure, assist frame and guide into holes to click into place. 

4. Place chair on the ground by locating the four rubber bases.

5. Place travel bag over the shorter front two frame poles for storage!

6. Open up chair fabric. On all corners on the backside are circle ends for the chair fabric to link all four corners with all 4 posts to complete the structure of your chair.

7. First locate and slide in the bottom corners. And then the top corners. Be mindful that the top posts are meant to bend while setting up!

8. Check to ensure all pieces are locked in, place your belongings inside the zipper pocket below. Relax and enjoy your chair!

Note: Like anything in life, the first time seems a little tricky. The more you use your travel chair, the faster you will get a set up and breakdown!